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Culture & Educational Activities

To pass on the art and culture of calligraphy, promote the beauty of chirography and wisdom of Chinese characters, the TianWen Temple has been pouring in many resources hosting art and cultural events since 1980. Over the past 40 years, the Temple has been running birthday celebrations / rituals on January 18 on the lunar calendar for the main deity housed in the Temple, along with calligraphy and landscape painting competitions. To this date, there have been 51 nation-wide calligraphy competitions and 23 landscape painting competitions with about 2500 people taking part. Over the past few decades, many of our calligraphy contestants / winners have since become famous for their work. Collected in the temple are over 1000 prize-winning works of chirography; each piece is a priceless asset for the temple. It is hoped that the art and culture of calligraphy and landscape painting will continue to thrive and live on.

Nation-wide calligraphy competitions
Landscape painting competitions
People taking part

It has been over six years since the YongAn-TianWen Cultural Festival was first hosted as an event jointly organized by the YongAn TianWen Temple and the YongAn District Office. On the day of the Festival, there are activities like Bridge-Crossing Ritual, Throwing Divining Blocks for the Pen of Wisdom, calligraphy workshops, music performance, artefact display, special folk performances. Such fusion with art activities is part of our effort to encourage everyone to experience an alternative temple culture.

Active Works